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Elite Synergy Dancing

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Elite Synergy Dancing is for beginners or advance dancers wanting to express the emotions they feel while hearing the music speak to them.

Dancing at Elite Synergy will have you dancing to nice romantic music. Then get you to switch gears to accelerate your heart rate while dancing to a fast pace song. You will enjoy your new dance body movements and evolve to polished dancer. Who looks elegantly smooth while dancing to Latin or ballroom rhythms on the dance floor.

Have you tried learning Latin and Ballroom dancing in Adelaide?

Only to find you wasted your time with the following dance methods of learning in Latin & Ballroom dancing with little results? E.g

  • Dance Instruction DVDs that you simply cannot see properly what they are saying with what they are doing.
    • Elite Synergy Dancing instructors and dance teachers do what they say and have the tools to show you how easy it really is to learn to dance.
  • Private Dance Lessons with dancing instructors who know how to dance really well, but fail to show you what you actually have to do step by step and just say you have to feel the music? OR JUST MOVE.
    • The Elite Synergy Dancing method is really simple. You will see every step we take slowly first, then see them live at social dancing events. At the dance parties you will be moving to the music, expressing what you feel through the music with cool dance movements other dancers will envy you for. 
  • Group Dance Classes where there are way too many people in the dance class and the dance instructor can either not be heard or shows you complicated dance patterns you are not capable of doing yet?
    • At Elite Synergy Dancing classes we cater for everyone. We have tools to that will have you going over the dance move over and over again until you get it. Dancers who have a natural ability to learn faster, have dance other dance styles or play sports can continue adding new layers to their dancing to make it look fun easy with all the bells and whistles they want to add.


Did you try instructional DVDs?

Maybe you borrowed instructional DVDs from a friend or from the library. Or watched dance video clips from the internet. But they didn’t go at the right pace. The instruction wasn’t very clear. Leaving you feeling like you have no natural ability.

So, that was a waste of time, wasn’t it?

However what if they just left out vital pieces of information? Remember the good old saying “free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it”?

You then thought maybe you’ll give it another another try with the following

Did you try group Latin or Ballroom dance classes?

Maybe you or someone you know has tried group dance classes. But gave up because of frustration at the lack of progress. Most dance schools offer rigid “monkey see, monkey do” classes with only limited time available for individual attention from the instructors. So it’s easy to get left behind if the rest of the class “gets it” but you don’t. So, that was a waste of time too, right? And money!

Did you think private Latin and Ballroom dance lessons would help?

Maybe you assumed having the teacher’s full attention would help you ‘get it’. But they just kept showing you the same things. And couldn’t explain what they were doing. So now you’re thinking it’s you.

It’s your fault you can’t dance?  

Wanna know something interesting?

Leading sports coaches and dance professionals all around the world now agree that repeating the exact same thing over and over again is not the most effective way of learning new movement skills… No wonder those lessons didn’t work out! Sick of copying (yet another) new step pattern, like a mindless puppet? Just in time to forget it before the next class? How about being rushed along through a rigid system? Does the system teach you skills to master the foundation steps (which most studios brush off as basics)?

Are you being fooled into thinking your dancing is actually improving?

If you’ve been taught more complicated step patterns without being shown how to execute the ‘basic’ steps in a more advanced way, then you have wasted your time. (I’m sure you know that you can always make more money and spend it. However you can’t make more time. You only get one chance to spend your time. Why not invest it instead?) Wouldn’t it be great if classes delivered the goods and taught you how to approach learning to dance? If they helped you improve the quality of the foundation steps (so you look better no matter what level of step patterns you know)? Imagine the dance teacher adapting to the students’ needs as part of a flexible teaching system.

How about an innovative teaching system that adapts to you, and guarantees deep learning?

The Elite Synergy teaching system:

• incorporates world’s best practice

• is based on methods used by trainers, musicians and dance instructors around the globe

• can be adapted to your individual needs

• includes options for group and/ or private classes

• tracks your improvement with a video diary of your progress

• creates confident stylish dancers quickly “Previously I have always got bored with dance classes” Elite Synergy exceeded my expectations.

I received so much more in just one class then I would in weeks of classes at other studios both specifically to my dance training but also mentally. The focus on the real foundation of social dancing, not just learning step patterns.

The Elite Synergy teaching system is ideal if:

• You are tired of watching everybody else dancing

• You want to come out from the shadows and join in the fun

• You want quality results fast Get directions to our dance school studio from your current location – click on this link Are you up for the challenge? Be a better dance partner.

Don’t wait any longer call now on: 0433840087 or drop us an email

Do you practice for hours? Without improvement?

What if you could learn a few simple tools to cut down your practice time, and see results? Elite Synergy can teach you how to dance even if you don’t have ten minutes spare time to practice per week. One minute per day is all you need! Don’t believe it? You’ve never tried the Elite Synergy method before. “I thought I would never have the time” I learnt how to practice smartly and more efficiently. I now get more out of every minute I put in instead of spending hours going over the same steps.-Amanda Pengilly But I have no coordination! Take advantage of our “Awkward Turtle Dancing Guarantee”. Elite Synergy believes that anyone can dance. The “Awkward Turtle Dancing Guarantee” means that if you don’t feel comfortable with any dance move after completion of your dance course we will teach you for FREE until you do. (Providing you follow our directions).

How long will it be before I am dancing confidently?

As with most things in life, it depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. One student gave this testimonial at 5 months of dancing after being repeatedly complimented on his leading skills: “I realized I looked better than other social dancers” The more I understood and the more I learnt, I became very aware of what my body was doing. When I kept my step patterns tidy I realized I looked better than other social dancers who had never thought about or understood this.-Josue Castellanos Elite Synergy intends to improve the social dance scene within the next 12 months Want to be part of something? Come join us! Committed to becoming a better dance partner? We want to help you achieve your dreams. But please don’t click unless you want to have people asking you to dance all the time. And are prepared to earn that privilege. We don’t waste your time so please don’t waste ours.