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When Your Dancing Spirit is Low. Watch an Inspirational Movie

Today I was feeling down but didn’t know why. I have work to do but can’t seem to get the motivation to start it.

So I decided to watch a movie that is inspirational and found Peaceful Warrior.

Full Movie – Peaceful Warrior <=== Click and follow link to Youtube website and watch it there.
Swimming in the ocean when you don't know how to swim or float properlyWhat I realised while watching the movie: I really don’t like it when people have a perception about me and this is getting me down. I now realise that I have no control. After all what is control? Nothing in life is certain. But why do I keep trying to control any outcome? The time has arrived to start doing and stop trying.

This is what I wrote before the movie: I need inspiration to stop dimming my light so others don’t feel insecure. As we let our own light shine. so will others let their lights shine and illuminate their awaited path.

While watching a Peaceful Warrior I started to realise and truely understand that I can not control what others think, say or even feel towards me. I can’t even control what I feel.

“The warrior does not give up what he loves, Dan. He finds the love in what he does.” – Socrates (Nick Nolte)

I cannot give up teaching dancing as this is what I love. I need to find what I love about teaching dancing again.

I love dancing because it has changed my life completely. In short, it has given me everything I want. Has given me a career, a business, great influencing friends, girlfriends, respect to myself and others. The list goes on. Maybe at a later stage I’ll write about it.

It has given me the chance to go on and improve myself year after year.

“The accident is your training. Life is choice. You can choose to be a victim or anything else you’d like to be.” — Socrates (Nick Nolte)

Life is definetely a serious of accidents. Each and everyone of those accidents gave me a lesson to learn. A choice to make. Mentally I was screwed and I was drowning. Luckily I had all my limbs but what use is having your limbs when you don’t know how to swim? Fortunately my mum showed me by example of determination. Against all odds you fight and keep on fighting for what you beleive.

I need to enjoy the journey that I’m on and stop worrying about the future. The future is now. The time to do something is now. Nothing in life is guaranteed so I need to stop living in fear. The time to start shinning is now. I am this moment. I am happiness. I am love.


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22/10/2011 Dance at Fogolar

We had such a wonderful time.

Everyone got up for a dance even the new students with only 3 to 10 lessons under their belts.

“If you would have said that I’ll be at a dance event 6 month ago. I would have laughed at you” Paul



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If you can manage to count to 6, and you can wlak or limp in a straight line – then you can dance!
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I would like to welcome all our new students and thank all the students that are still with us.With out your support and effort we wouldn’t be here. for that I thank you! 

Oscar Castellanos


There has been many new faces and some who have left us. Regardless though, we’ve been having lots of fun dancing socially at the many dance events we have attended.

Sometimes I think we’ve been having too much of a good time, that we forget to rest! We’ll rest when we are old right? The longest social dancing bender we have had this last couple of months was from wednesday night @ The New Caledonian, Thursday @ Taps, Friday @ Elite Synergy Dance Studio, Saturday @ Burnside Ballroom and lastly at on Sunday @ Zoots. whoooa!

Yes, we did that much dancing in only a week not to mention the private lessons and group classes that have taken place.


This Friday Night Social dancing after the 8pm Group class @ Dancelinx (rear 93 Gilles Street Adelaide)

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Dancing salsa at caledonian

Woahhh! Dancing super fast salsa at the caledonian.

Speedy gonzales….Andale andale yiiiipaaaaaaaaaa!

Very Tricky because there was lots of people around us.

But we did not bash into anyone so hence rule No#1, No#2 and No#3 were not broken…

#Thy shall look after your body (safety first)

#Thy shall use floor craft! (dance on the spot when too many people around)

#thy shall dance and focus on partner not on thy self! (It’s not about me it’s about my partner :))


Was so fun!

You too can learn to have so much fun and get a work out too…phewwwwwwww!


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Dancing Salsa with Student

Burning the dance floor with Sexy Salsa.

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Photo & Video Galleries has been up

In the Photo Galleries there are some Photos of past showcases that I’ve done with students.


In the Video Gallerie there is a Bachata and soon there will be a Salsa Video