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Bridal Waltz dance information from the bridal dance experts in Adelaide.

Dancing-on-wedding-night-Mr&Mrs Berekally

Mr&Mrs Berekally dancing their bridal waltz on their wedding night

Thinking of doing a bridal waltz on your wedding day? However the fear of embarrassing yourself or your beloved fiance dancing the awkward shuffle that drags on is making you sweat bullets? You are not alone many grooms and brides to be have come to us at Elite Synergy Dance School for help.

We can help you with your bridal waltz. Just watch what our previous dance customers have to say about our bridal dance expertise.

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This is what they had to say on their last bridal waltz dance lesson before the big day.

Free Bridal Waltz Dance Consultation Break Down:

  • 15 Minutes to tell us what you envision for your wedding dance.
    • Listen to your chosen wedding song or songs. eg. easy to hear beats. is it too fast or too slow etc
    • Determine what dance style suits your wedding song. Most songs this days are not Waltzes but we can adjust to your needs
    • Determine how big your dance floor space is at your wedding venue
    • Find out about your wedding dress. Eg material on the floor. Train. or tight fitting.
    • Find out the height of your wedding shoes.
    • Determine how you would like to start your dance


  • 15 Minutes Private Wedding Dance Lesson to show you our teaching Method
    • We’ll teach you 1 dance pattern
    • Depending on how fast you and your partner are picking up well show 1 more dance pattern
    • We’ll show you how to practice just for 1 minute a day between wedding dance lessons
    • We’ll show you how to remember you dance pattern with easy

Mention this code: ES-BridalWaltz to receive an extra 15 Minutes towards your bridal waltz dance consultation

Do you want to spend your special day dreading your wedding dance? Are you letting nerves get in the way of having a perfect first dance? You could calmly enjoy the wedding preparations, if you knew you could surprise and entertain your wedding guests, with a bridal waltz? If you don’t have the skills and confidence to dance, our Adelaide dance studio is currently offering wedding dance lessons.

Not a ‘natural’ dancer? Most people aren’t. And neither was Rebecca. She described herself as “Not a natural dancer or even a particularly rhythmic person”. After a few private dance lessons and doing a few group dance classes with Elite Synergy Dance School, Rebecca said,

“I feel confident about doing our wedding dance and dancing in general” – Rebecca Davis

If you can walk down a street, you can dance. Here’s your chance to unlock the dancer in you. Make your wedding day truly special. Do you want your bridal dance to be understated? Like a natural waltz? Or Something flashy to show people what you and your new spouse can do? The professional instructors at Elite Synergy Dance School are here to help you create your dancing vision.

“The quality of instruction is also matched by ability to take on new ideas, respond to suggestions and think outside the square” – Dr Hien Le & Dr Clair Le

Take action and take advantage of our complimentary dance consultation. Get the look YOU want. Do you have a Wedding theme? We can match it with a dance style to suit your wedding theme. Just come in with a bit of time up your sleeve. Unique personality you want to show your wedding guests? We can match your dance to your vision, abilities and song choice. Talk to us. An action plan is closer than you think. Get on the fast track with our simple to follow dance teaching method. We’ll teach you correctly, efficiently with only 1 minute a day practice between lessons. Conscious practice beats mindless practice anytime. We show you exactly what to practice. Imagine the confident dancer you will be in no time, with our quick and easy learning to dance style. Working all day? Private dance lessons available 7 days a week. Times organized to suit you. Private Dance Lessons from $59.95* Unsure? Call us now on Click Here To Call for your free dance consultation on +61-8-8223-7848. Friendly Adelaide dance instructors ready to discuss your ideas and questions. Ready to create your personalized wedding dance? Let our expertise help you make it into a reality. Hungry for ideas? Here’s a wealth of information to get you started. Want tips and ideas to help build your perfect wedding dance vision? How to overcome common dancing pitfalls? Go to the drop down menu, at the top of the page, and look under the ‘Bridal Waltz’ menu tab. Pressed for time? Let us give you the information you need. Talk to an experienced instructor now.

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