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Dreading your First Dance as Husband & Wife?

The more time you have to spend working on your Wedding Dance, the more time you will have to become confident dancing together and stay relaxed on your Wedding Day.

At Elite Synergy Dance Studio we believe that the process of learning to dance for your wedding should be a wonderful experience for both parties (whether you have danced before or not). Your dance is a chance to express your relationship through your choice of song and dance style as well as make an impression on your guests and set the mood for the reception.

Professions Wedding Dance tuition will strengthen your relationship.

Your dance lessons will be a time to focus completely on each other, strengthening essential relationship qualities of teamwork and communication as you learn together. The skill you will be developing is that of partner dancing. Like other skills that you have developed over your lives (eg. driving a car, cooking, using a computer), your dancing can also be utilised long after the wedding. Whether you choose to share a romantic dance in your lounge room after dinner or tear up the floor at a work function, your shared skill will be a reminder of a very special day and of your feelings of excitement at the prospect of sharing your lives together.

Our Adelaide wedding dance teachers are committed to making your dance as personalised as possible, we are energetic, professional and most of all experienced (having taught hundreds of bridal couples). We have provided these pages of information to help prepare you for playing a big role in designing the look and feel of your dance. Please call us anytime to ask questions, discuss your ideas and needs for your dance or to book in your first dance lesson. We look forward to meeting you!


It is important to book in for your first lesson as early as possible. Dancing is a skill and to master a basic smooth and relaxed look to your dance takes time. The longer you have been developing your dancing the more likely that on the day the dance will be trained into your muscle memory, so that all you need to do is enjoy the special moment together.

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