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It is important for your dance to work well in your wedding attire, we have listed some things to check below.

The bridal gown:

  • Has your dress got a train, and if so is it going to be bustled up or hung on your wrist?
  • How long is your dress with your shoes on, is it touching the floor?
  • What is the maximum size step you can take in your dress?
  • Does your dress have a hoop, is it adjustable, and if you adjust it how does it affect the length of your dress? If you have access to your hoop underskirt then bring it to your lessons as it will be good to do some or your dance practice with it on.
  • Is there a risk of your dress slipping down, i.e. if its strapless?
  • Is your dress particularly heavy?
  • When you are trying on a dress or having a fitting make sure to try some of the dance movements you have learned in your dress (by yourself) to see what it feels like to dance in your dress.
  • Some brides are now opting to change into a second dress for their dance. This may be a good option if your gown is particularly restrictive, heavy or if it drags on the ground (especially if you have chosen to do a faster or more difficult dance style).

The brides shoes:

  • Are you comfortable with the heel height?
  • Is there the potential for your heel to slip out when you walk?
  • Are they long and pointed at the front?
  • Have they been worn in? Perhaps wear them for 5-10mins at a time around home until they are worn in so there is less chance of blisters.
  • Are they easily marked? If so, some of our brides still wear them for their lessons but put a sock over the top of them, with holes cut out for the heel and ball of the shoe.
  • If you are worried about dancing in your bridal shoes you may want to use an alternate pair of shoes for your dance.
  • Some brides chose to buy a pair of actual ballroom shoes to wear for their dance, particularly if they expect to continue with their dancing after the wedding. Ballroom shoes will give you superior control on the floor and will help your dance look as smooth as possible. There are many styles available which are made specially for brides (ask our instructors to show you a catalogue of our beautiful range of Elite Synergy custom made dance shoes).

The groom:

  • Will the groom be wearing his jacket for the dance and if so what are its restrictions on movement?
  • Can the groom bend over comfortably in his pants?
  • Has the groom got a good range of arm movement in his shirt?
  • Are the shoes a good fit?
  • Have the shoes been worn in? Perhaps wear them for 5-10mins at a time around home until they are worn in so there is less chance of blisters.
  • Are the shoes soft and rubbery or hard and smooth on the bottom?
  • Are they particularly long and pointed at the front?