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“Share a father and daughter dance together and create a lasting memory on your wedding day..something that will be remembered and reminisce in the years to come”.

Your father was there to witness your first fumbling step

He was there when you fell to hold you back up

He shared your laughter and your tears

When things seem impossible, he held you and look into your eyes, and told you everything was going to be ok…”Daddy is here”

Create a sentimental moment with a very important man who have been in your life since the day you were born…share a dance with your father on you wedding day.

So what are you waiting for?  Are you having reservations because you:

  • Think you have 2 left feet and will look like an awkward turtle on your big day?
  • Do you have stage fright performing in front of friends and family?
  • Are we worried that you don’t have enough time on top of the wedding preparations?
  • Think it is too expensive? 

As Wedding Dance Specialist here in Adelaide, we will work with you and your father to fix your two left feet (if you have them in the first place!).  We have fine tuned our teaching method that learning to dance is like learning to drive.  You need to be given the information; put in the practise and develop the skills to learn how to drive, but how fast you learn depends on the structure of the lessons and the quality of practise you put in. Learning how to dance is no different.  We will provide you with the structured lessons and the refined learning tools, then accompanied with our little ask of only 1 minute practise a day (that’s right – only 60 seconds of your day!), you will be surprise how quickly you and your father will progress each week.  We believe highly in quality over quantity.  1 minute of quality is better than 1 hour of mindless practise.  Who have time to waste, especially with a wedding around the corner right?

We will prepare you for the actual day, that if something was to go wrong, you will still be prepared and continue on with a smile on both of your faces.  After all, the moment is about the both of you…so enjoy each moment of it.

You can make it as personal and unique as you wish.  Have a childhood dance or a song that have sentimental value to the both of you?  We can tailor that into your dance and make it special…

There are many things money can’t buy…the memories, the experience and the special moments you share on your wedding day with one of the most important man in your life is worth every penny and more…

Now, don’t stress yourself out and leave it to the last minute.  Give yourself time to enjoy the experience and be prepared for the special moment.  After all, “A better prepared bride will be a better relaxed one on the day”

Pick up the phone and call us today for your FREE 30 minutes initial consultation.   A decision you will never regret!