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There are many factors to consider with your Reception venue when planning your Wedding Dance.

– The floor type where you will dance

– The size of the area you have to dance in

– The directions from which people will watch you dance

– The distance you need to travel to get to the dance floor

– Whether the arrangement of the venue will encourage people to encroach on your available dancing space

Why is WHEN you do your dance important?

The timing of your Wedding Dance on the special day can have a big impact.  It has the potential to enhance the experience for both yourselves and the guests.

Below are some options to consider when deciding where your dance will fit into the day.

– Some couples are choosing to do their dance as part of their entrance to the reception venue. This is a great way to generate atmosphere for the night, and to get your dance our of the way before you have had many drinks.

– If you plan for there to be multiple dances performed on the night i.e. a bridal dance, a bridal party dance, the parents of the bridal couple dance etc, then perhaps consider options for spacing these dances out throughout the evening.