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Some general media considerations in relation to your dance include.

  • The format of the music for your dance, e.g. if using a DJ ensure that they have a copy of the song you are using for your dance (and the correct version), if you have a band playing your song it will be useful to know what version of the song they will be most closely covering.
  • Ensure that the people charged with announcing and playing your song are clear about the exact point in time that you want the music started (e.g. when you are still seated or once you are on the edge of the floor), which song to play after your dance and what instructions you want given to the bridal party and guests about when it is the appropriate time to join you on the dance floor.
  • If you are having your wedding photographed and filmed, check if your dance will also be able to be photographed and filmed and if so make sure the camera staff are informed if there are any surprise elements to your dance or specific angles that the dance needs to be captured from. If you aren’t having your dance professionally filmed and photographed then be sure to ask some of your guests to capture it on their personal cameras / phones /video cameras for you.
  • An idea which is catching on with many couples is to document the development of their wedding dance. Filming segments of your lessons and keeping the footage or having it added into your professional wedding film is a nice way to remember the fun you had in the process of learning to dance and your achievement together.