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Peter and Vickie wedding dance


Have you ever wondered why some journeys are fantastic and some some turn out to be… not so good? What actually makes the journey great? We believe the answer is quite simple – preparation and a health dose of impromptu! You don’t just get marries out of sudden – you prepare for it, right? Your entire venue, guests, invitations and food is pre-planned. What about your wedding dance? What do you mean “what dance”?? Let us spell it out for you: when you are preparing for your wedding dance, there is something special going on already – you are developing and practicing your partnership dance skills that will strengthen your union and equip you with so many essentials along the way! Dance is a body language that is not spoken.

You learn to communicate by other means, different from words. It forces you to listen carefully and pay attention, look in the eye and see participation, feel the touch and respond to it. It’s such a subtle way of carrying on a conversation that makes it so special! Besides, sometimes quietness is a good thing, right? 😉 Now, you can do your dance by yourself and shuffle around quietly staring at each other and being scared OR you can actually decide that investment in your first ever dance as husband and wife is worth something for you.

In this case it’s no brainer what you need to do. Come and talk to us! We teach wedding couples with lots or no previous dance experience, when they keep stepping on each others feet or can coordinate their dance movements, when they don’t hear the music or have musical backgrounds, when they work together or … Well, they have to work together, no other choice there! We will create a beautiful and special dance for you, in harmony with your song, dance abilities and wants. We are flexible with time of your dance lessons as we understand the pressures.

We also show you how to survive on the dance floor if you want to do more dancing (which you will) after your special one is done. We commit ourselves to preparing you for your big role on the dance floor where it all starts. Your life long journey starts right there and you are going to be ready for it! That’s our promise you you.

In return however we ask you to commit to your future by investing into your dance practice because the more trained you are, the better you are going to feel about it. There is no secret or magical potion: you will need to do the work! But we are going to be there by your side all the way until your wedding day so you feel at ease and confident right from the start. But don’t take our word for it, come and try for yourself. We are your Wedding Dance Specialists. We just happen to be the best.