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Classy Foxtrot


Dancing the Classy Foxtrot is like test driving your brand new car along a highway with your companion, without a care in the world.   As you become more advanced, you will be cruising around the dance floor’s outer perimeter whilst beginners admire your class and poise as you dazzle them with your smoothness and speed.  The Foxtrot will help you develop good posture, proper timing and control thus allowing you the dancer to feel confident of performing anywhere and with anyone.

Classy Foxtrot is one of the more popular and versatile of the Ballroom dances, the Foxtrot is said to have been originated by a vaudeville actor named Harry Fox at the turn of the 20th century.  It is a dance style particularly suited to Big Band, Jazz and Top 40 music.  Whether at a wedding reception or gala event, the Foxtrot will have you looking poised and classy as you effortlessly glide across the dance floor.  Whilst initially danced to a slower tempo, the Foxtrot increases in pace as the dancers become more knowledgeable of the technique involved.  The combination of quick and slow steps permits greater dancing flexibility and much dancing pleasure.