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The Passionate Tango


The Passionate Tango will make you sizzle on the dance floor, showcasing your sensuality, technique and flair for spectacular dancing. You will learn to control and express these emotions through your body with calculated cat-like stealthy and exact movements. These movements will add contrast to the dance and energize your body through the expression of pent-up emotions. Tango can be likened to a great game of chess where the man moves, then the lady counteracts with equal precision, letting this intense game play out from beginning to end to the distinct yet captivating beats of the music or song.



Just imagine how you would feel driving a brand new RED Ferrari. That’s the feeling of dancing up a powerful Tango storm around the dance floor!

The passionate tango is a fiery and dramatic dance that expresses the dancers’ deepest passions through intense, sharp and powerful movements.  Finding its roots and early influences in the cultures of Spain and Africa, the Tango, in its modern form, was born in the lower class districts of Buenos Aires (Argentina).  Initially popular within this limited environment, its appeal eventually gained wider acceptance amongst its Latin American audience, achieving international fame by the early 20th century.   There are various styles of Tango with the most recognised being Argentine Tango and Traditional (or Ballroom) Tango.  It is a dance that can be used as a platform for developing confidence and expressing self assurance.