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Viennese Waltz


The Amazing Viennese Waltz is one of the most beautiful dances and its graceful whirling, seemingly walking-on-air movements and romantic music can transport the dancers to a magical realm.  This dance requires considerable floor space and is introduced to students once they become more advanced in their dancing technique as it requires a lot of controlled body movements and precise footwork by both partners – as well as floor craft!

How does the sound of twirling around the dance floor to super fast-paced music sound to you? Well, if you have a need for speed, this is the dance to aim for. Just like driving a race car/motor bike!  What is now called the Viennese Waltz is the original, classical form of the Waltz (for further background notes see ‘Waltz’).  In the Viennese Waltz the dancers rotate around each other while flying gracefully around the dance floor in a counterclockwise motion.  It is danced to 180 beats per minute making this one of the fastest dances in the Ballroom repertoire.