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Want to feel like you’re floating on cloud nine?


Learning to dance the elegant Waltz can help you blissfully relax and forget about the world that will still be there when you descend back to earth.

The Waltz is danced to soothing, dream-like music that has a unique 3/4 time signature with an accent on the first beat of every measure.  The Waltz will teach the dancer the importance of maintaining posture, balance and timing – thus achieving the graceful, sweeping movements that make this dance such a stylish and regal one.

We offer Group Waltz dance classes and Private Waltz dance lessons to give you this blissful feeling and get you dancing elegantly and romantically around the dance floor.

The Waltz is the epitome of elegance, poise and beauty. Originating in Europe from more formal linear dances of the 16th century, it gradually evolved to its present style.  Once condemned by community and church leaders for the impropriety of the closed position of the dance partners, its popularity persisted amongst the general public, eventually gaining widespread social acceptance.  The Waltz is a firm favourite among bridal couples wishing to celebrate the beginning of their new life together, with a dance symbolic of partnership and union.

Warning: Dancing waltz can teleport you into a Disney ballroom where it is possible to loose yourself in a perfect world, with happily ever after and an abundance of prince charmings.