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Rumba, Chacha, Samba, Swing, Mambo… Not sure which Latin dance style to learn first?

If you’re a complete beginner you might like to start slowly with the romantic Rumba. 

However if you never done dancing before and you are serious about learning to dance you might like to try a different style.

Click below to find out more about the slow romantic rumba or any other latin dance dance style we offer.

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Dance Bolero Rhythm – Learn to Dance this elegant yet sexy dance we call Bolero

Bolero is by far the most regal dance among all the Latin American styles. Originally a Spanish dance but modified in Cuba, the Bolero is a slow, smooth and powerful romantic dance. It is a high breed dance with Ballroom lines and techniques, mixed with sensuous and sexy Latin American movements. It can be likened to a slower, dreamier version of Rumba. This is a left turning dance based on a “slip pivot” (that is, a rotation of the body on the ball of the supporting foot creating a pivot either forward or backward). Bolero has body rise only; no foot rise. This dance is all about control and you will learn a great deal about your body – and even find muscles you never thought you had!



If you haven’t notice look this video again and look at the gentlemans arms. Inspirational!

Chachacha Dance Lessons Adelaide – Learn this Cheeky Latin Dance now

Want to flirt with your partner on the dance floor?

The Cheeky Latin Dance style known as the Chachacha (or ChaCha) is all about having fun and flirting with your partner while learning to move your hips in extraordinary ways, leaving your peers in awe. It allows dancers to showcase their individual personality with flair in every single step and movement.

ChaCha is an upbeat dance where you exude confidence and truly present the fun side, cheekiness and quirks of your personality to your dance partner.

Just think of the time when you really liked someone and stole a look at them and when they look your way, you very quickly pretend you weren’t watching!  Or when you ask a gentleman that you like, to help you with something that you are quite capable of doing yourself – hoping he gets the hint! You let all these things play out while you are dancing, and best of all everyone around you loves to see dancers smiling and having lots of light-hearted and carefree fun.

The ChaCha is by far the sexiest and playful of the dances in the Latin repertoire.  As with a number of other Latin dances, it is Cuban-born, peaking in popularity in the 50’s.


Dance Swing – East Coast Swing – learning to dance swing will get you all energized & fill your heart with fun

East Coast Swing gets your hips swinging from side to side in smooth gliding steps with a carefree look and sharp movements as you twirl the night away to great Rock ‘n Roll music sounds.

East Coast Swing is a high energy and enormously enjoyable dance that has you moving with lots of spins, turns and tunnels while achieving a light cardio workout at the same time!  It is suitable to music found in any Jukebox, as well as 60’s and 70’s Rock music.

Dance Mambo – Mambo will have you oozing confidence

Mambo is a mix of Spanish and African music created in Cuba in the late 30’s with dance movements added in the mid-40’s. The 1950’s saw the peak of Mambo’s popularity, especially in the USA. Nowadays, this dance is also known as ‘Salsa on 2’. It has a more distinct feel and look about it than the basic but sultrier and more relaxed Salsa. Mambo is an impressive Latin dance that encourages confidence and poise and generates great presence on the dance floor. Due to the precise footwork and timing, Mambo is very structured and easy to learn. Thus it can be danced to a wide range of music including Salsa, Top 40’s and R&B.


Rumba Dance Lessons Adelaide – Learn the Romantic Rumba Dance now!

The Romantic Rumba is one of the most sensual of all the Latin dance styles.

With its slow rhythms and hip movements it creates intense bodily expressions.

The woman entices the gentleman with her entire body, moving her hips in such a way as to mesmerize him (and possibly any innocent bystanders!).  The gentleman, fueled by desire and lust, has got to have her and does everything possible to impress her.

It is amazing how powerful body language is; through dancing you can step out of your normal everyday life and become a seducer or seductress on the dance floor. The Rumba is one of the more erotic dances with lots of sensuality and very romantic.

As with most Latin styles, Rumba’s genesis is in the early Afro-Cuban musical culture of the 16th century. By the 1920’s and 30’s, Rumba emerged as one of the most popular and fascinating of Latin dances and continues so to this day.  Not all Rumba music depicts a story about love and passion, but also about pain, loss and what could have been.

Learning to Rumba is learning to tap into and experience your own romantic and passionate energy through dynamic body language, playing off your partner’s own expression, creating a new story between you.

The Rumba is also the most common dance style used for Bridal Dances.

Lacking Romance? Our Adelaide studio offers Romantic Rumba dance lessons for dancers of all level. Contact us now to get a free Latin Rumba dance lesson today.

Samba Dance – Get fit shaking it with exotic samba

Samba music is so captivating and lively that you just want to ‘move it and shake it’!  Ballroom Samba, whilst it has the element of hip swaying, is a versatile dance that gets you moving across the dance floor either at lightening speed or dancing ‘on the spot’; either way, ladies love to Samba!

Originating in Brazil, the Samba can be danced with a partner or individually.  For this style, the gentleman doesn’t have to move his hips; he just has to know how to lead, be confident and keep to the timing of the music, whilst the lady takes the limelight with her sexy, dazzling movements.