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Want to flirt with your partner on the dance floor?


The Cheeky Latin Dance style known as the Chachacha (or ChaCha) is all about having fun and flirting with your partner while learning to move your hips in extraordinary ways, leaving your peers in awe. It allows dancers to showcase their individual personality with flair in every single step and movement.

ChaCha is an upbeat dance where you exude confidence and truly present the fun side, cheekiness and quirks of your personality to your dance partner.

Just think of the time when you really liked someone and stole a look at them and when they look your way, you very quickly pretend you weren’t watching!  Or when you ask a gentleman that you like, to help you with something that you are quite capable of doing yourself – hoping he gets the hint! You let all these things play out while you are dancing, and best of all everyone around you loves to see dancers smiling and having lots of light-hearted and carefree fun.

The ChaCha is by far the sexiest and playful of the dances in the Latin repertoire.  As with a number of other Latin dances, it is Cuban-born, peaking in popularity in the 50’s.