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The Romantic Rumba is one of the most sensual of all the Latin dance styles.

With its slow rhythms and hip movements it creates intense bodily expressions.

The woman entices the gentleman with her entire body, moving her hips in such a way as to mesmerize him (and possibly any innocent bystanders!).  The gentleman, fueled by desire and lust, has got to have her and does everything possible to impress her.

It is amazing how powerful body language is; through dancing you can step out of your normal everyday life and become a seducer or seductress on the dance floor. The Rumba is one of the more erotic dances with lots of sensuality and very romantic.

As with most Latin styles, Rumba’s genesis is in the early Afro-Cuban musical culture of the 16th century. By the 1920’s and 30’s, Rumba emerged as one of the most popular and fascinating of Latin dances and continues so to this day.  Not all Rumba music depicts a story about love and passion, but also about pain, loss and what could have been.

Learning to Rumba is learning to tap into and experience your own romantic and passionate energy through dynamic body language, playing off your partner’s own expression, creating a new story between you.

The Rumba is also the most common dance style used for Bridal Dances.