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Are you looking for Salsa Dancing lessons in Adelaide so you can get out Social Salsa Dancing?

Dreaming of becoming a Salsero/ Salsera?

I watched some of the footage from the recent salsa world championships recently and was truly amazed by all of the couples I watched. The tricks, the way they flowed across the floor… One couple, wow, their feet were moving so fast it was like they had been filmed in slow-mo and played back at double speed. And they made it seem so effortless. You could see the enjoyment written all over their faces…

Obviously, these were highly talented couples who had developed a strong routine to showcase their abilities and practiced it to within an inch of its life. And then practiced it some more. And then some more. And then … well, you get the picture, I’m sure.

While I was watching, I realized that you could fit a bus lengthways in the ability gap between those dancers and me… Actually, a whole fleet of them, nose to tail, probably. But we’re about social dancing rather than polishing a routine.

We’re about making the dance interesting and enjoyable for our partner, hopefully leaving them with a smile on their face.

How do we do that? Communication – Lead and follow.

When the lead and follow is working, when you are communicating properly and moving together, that’s when you can relax into the dance and maybe enjoy a conversation too. That’s the key, right there, that’s the magic… When it works, it works and your partner wants to dance with you again. And again.

We’ve all noticed that ladies who know how to adjust to their gentleman and gentlemen who know how to adjust to their lady always have a queue of people waiting to dance with them. We’ve seen it.

So… why do we spend so much time and energy learning more and more step patterns?

And the ability gap? I’m working on it, as well as my partnering skills 😉

Contact us now to join our Salsa Dance Lessons and get out on the Social Salsa Dance Floor and have some fun!