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Single in Adelaide??

Taking Salsa Dance lessons is the way to go!

If you want to meet someone special on the dance floor, you first need to learn to dance!


The Problem

Learning to dance Salsa is like learning a whole new language. Dancing is about communicating through body language what your mind and soul want in a subtle way. If you concentrate all your energy just on learning new dance steps (school figures) you will find yourself frustrated because everyone on the dance floor come from different dance schools or dance studios.

Don’t fall into the trap of just learning new steps because that is the easy part to learn. It is a piece of cake remembering a new step if you follow our systematic process from A – Z (Contact us to find out more on this). Learning a dance step really is like learning to speak English. I’m from El Salvador in Central Latin America hence my native language is Spanish. When speaking to friends or family members I speak Spanglish (English and Spanish mixed together). We also have Aussie slang, British English and so on and so forth right!?

Where am I going with this you might ask? Well since we speak English differently to everyone else in the world how is it that we still can communicate with each other? Well there are some certain fundamentals and criteria we must follow. Hence applying that dance step you have learnt and really putting into practice in the real world is what you have to concentrate on. That concept in dance term is what we call lead and follow.

OK lady’s don’t grab that gun and point it to my head, I don’t like that term either so I have modified it to Action (Lead) and Re-action (Follow). You gentlemen should really learn your school figures as quick as possible so you have more time perfecting on how you communicate through subtle body language to the lady on what you are intending her to do by the action you just have created.

Now Lady’s you too must know dance school figures so you can practice re-acting to many different leads. But most importantly so you can practice by yourself so when you on the dance floor you don’t have to worry about anything except to react to every action the gentlemen gives you. Meaning you both really need to know your part in your action and re-action department (aka Leading & Following) yet many still believe they will become a great dancer by just knowing that new step…sadly they are mistaken.

So what’s the Solution??

Once you know your dance steps really well and you don’t have to worry about remembering the school figure, that’s when you can hone in your action and re-action skills and you will find yourself having great amount of fun chatting and dancing at the same time with many new dance partners.

In order for you to be able to meet new people with similar interests that you can share you should really be putting all your energy on adapting to the person you dancing with.  By adapting to the lady you are dancing with, you will be put on the front of the list of all those other guys wanting to dance with her or wanting to meet her.  You will find they will not stop asking you to dance with them. Then you will soon become popular and at that point you are faced with a new  problem…

Sick of being single? Just want to have some fun?

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