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Zouk Dance


Zouk Dance music is a style of rhythmic music originating in the Caribbean islands.  The dance finds its roots in the Latin dance style known as Merengue, a two-step beat with partners in a closed position holding each other in close proximity. Dancing Zouk is to become a slave to the base beat of the music; it is very mesmerizing and captivating to dance or even just watch.  Zouk is the new form of Lambada and it has taken the world by storm. When dancing you’ll be lost in the moment, while spiralling to a place leaving a comet trail of burning desire.  This dance will give students a full body workout with all the dips and fast-paced direction change through precise footwork.  Because it can be physically taxing, knowing how to carry your own weight is essential.  Zouk is a relative young dance, hence there is room for lots of variances and it borrows a great deal from Ballroom Latin and Street Latin dancing.