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Benefits of learning to Dancing 



 Dance Style                            Problem                     Solution
 Swing Does your life feel  like a conveyor belt and you know what is  coming week in & week out? Get off your conveyor belt on to the dance floor to learn the fun and fast paste Swing in an exciting social setting, where you will learn  every week something new which you then can take onto the social dance floor.
 Foxtrot Do you find yourself slouching a lot? Did you know that people who slouch are more prone to depression? When fixing your posture you project confidence. Foxtrot will give you this confidence in a very short time, through its elegant and stylish looking upper body holds.
 Argentine Tango Is your boss asking too much from you? Is your paper work just keeping piling up? Is your work getting you frustrated? Get your frustration out through the movements of passionate Argentine Tango. Release your frustration through your tempo and direction alternating movements. Take big expanded strides, stop and quickly turn the lady to then hold her controlled, looking her intensely into her eyes, while taking a deep breath to then lead her into  the next element of a step. Allow  your frustration play wild and freely with the Argentine Tango.
 Waltz Is day in and day out the stress of accounting work getting to you? Have you ever thought of taking up Waltz classes as a form of relaxation? Listening to Waltz is a perfect get away into a state of relaxation body and mind! Its dreamy music  will transport you into a land of  wonder, far away from any  stressors.
 Rumba Is your romance life affected by your 2 or 3 kids, who now run your life pretty much night and day? It’s not too late to rekindle your romantic relationship by learning     to dance and move your body to the rhythmic vibes of the sensual Rumba. In those moments it will only be you with no second thought turned to your kids. You will find yourself to be romantically united once again.
 Cha Cha Is sitting at your desk all day making you feel sluggish? Get rid of this sluggish feeling once and for all. Energise yourself through the Cha Cha. It gives you a good cardio workout and builds stamina for a toned body.
 Zouk Do you have a busy life style, going from one function to the next with all the delicious food and the party drinks that come with it? Is your waistline telling you to buy a new pair of pants? Get your waist line the workout it needs. Acquire a solid core strengthening through dancing Zouk. It targets those problem areas that particular men have to deal with around the waist line.
 Salsa “Habits are like comfortable beds. They are easy to get into, but difficult to get out of.” 
                                          – Denis WaitleyCan you relate to this? Do you see your coach more comfortable than your treadmill, but have a bed conscious because you know you need to lose weight?
Acquire a new habit which will lose those extra pounds with the fast paste Latino rhythms of Salsa.
 Tango Are you living with your partner, but don’t share much passionate connections? Could it be that you even have separate rooms due to his or snoring? Get out of your snooze stage. Build your connection for one another up again with the passionate tango. Don’t snooze your life away and get back into your settle with the help of the passionate Tango.
 Bachata Do you have a Belly Dance background? Do you know how to move your hips, but find it a shame that your partner can’t join the cheer of dance with you when going out dancing? Don’t worry you can have the cake and eat it too! When learning the dance of Bachata you’ll be able to move your hips mesmerizingly in the arms of your partner, swaying from one direction to the other.