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Dance & Dine- Questions Answered



1. Why should I go for a Dance & Dine Gift Voucher?

The Dance and Dine gift vouchers have been made very affordable for you so you can invest in your relationship by learning the art of Latin, Ballroom and even Street Latin dancing.  You will acquire dancing skills with your partner so you will be able to share great times out wherever there is music. To reward yourself for your afforts, you shall dine together at one of our magical Dinner Dance Balls.

2. Have I got rhythm or will I look like a dork trying?

Recognising and dancing on a rhythm can be learnt if you know what to look out for.


3. Will I be able to pick up the dance moves easily?

We have a well designed teaching method developed over the years that works like a treat even for the most uncoordinated technical minded             person.


4. Will my partner enjoy learning to dance with me?

Learning to dance is fun and our professional stuff will make sure that you both are having a good time while learning to move your body in ways you never knew how to.


5. Will 10 dance lessons be enough?

It will get you dancing in your chosen dance style on any social even and will prevent you from doing the waddle ever again.


6. What dance style should we pick?

It depends on what kind of music or dance style preference you’ve got. Chose any of 12 different Ballroom, Latin or Street Latin dance styles. Professional advice will be offered to help you with the decision. Alternatively we can make the decision for you which dance style would be most appropriate for you as a couple.


7. Will my partner like the gift idea of learning to dance and dine with me?

These days arranging to spent some special time together and forgetting the working world or being mum for some hours in the day is quite rear. Gifting your partner with such an attentive and unique gift idea, will make her week for sure. People love sharing their experiences with their friends and loved once, so no doubt that this gift will be something to remember forever. Everyone deserves a break once in a while and trying something new breaks up the daily routine.


8. Do I have to buy special dance shoes?

There is no need in the beginning for a good pair of dance shoes. As long as they haven’t got a rubber sole, you’ve got nothing to worry about.


9. What if I don’t like the music they tell me to dance to?

We have over 2000 songs stored in our music repertoire, hence there is bound to be something that suits you and your partner’s taste of music.


10. I’ve got such a busy schedule that it is hard to make a set day in the week to commit to dancing.

The dance classes can be tailored to your schedule on a week to week basis.


11. What if I can’t make it one week?

That’s not a problem, as long as you let us know 8 hours in advance you can cancel your lessons without any cancellation fees.


12. What if she or he doesn’t like a Dance & Dine gift package that I designed for her?

That’s fine, we are happy to rearrange the dance package design for you, your partner or other within the purchase price.


13. Are we going to be too sweaty to go out on a nice date thereafter?

In the beginning of learning how to dance you won’t have to worry about getting into sweat, not just yet. To be a good dancer, you first need to learn dance essentials like music recognition and learning to move your body in the dance style of your choice, which will still get you moving but won’t bring you much into sweat. Showers are available at the premises nevertheless.


14. What dance would be most suitable for us to learn?

It depends on your character and what dance style you wish to learn with your partner, whether you want to experience something romantic like the Rumba, something sophisticated like the Foxtrot or create some fun and cheek with the Cha Cha.


15. Will we have enough dance knowledge to go out social dancing after our D&D dance gift package has been used up?

After 5 Private Dance sessions you should be able to hit the social dance floor with your partner comfortably in your chosen dance style.