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Looking for Ballroom or Latin dance classes in Adelaide?


You have come to the right place: You can choose to take Private dance lessons, Group classes or come with us to the many dance Outings and Social Dance Nights in Adelaide.

You can chose to learn many different dance styles such as Latin, Ballroom and/or Street Latin dances or start with only 1 dance style.

Choose from 3 options




Group Dance Classes
Private Dance Lessons
Dance Packages of Group Classes & Private Lessons


Our specially trained dance professionals are equipped to teach the following people how to learn to dance.

  • Newly engaged couples wanting to get married.
  • Singles who are wanting to spoil themself and learn a skill that most people forget to master.
  • Couples who are wanting to spice up their life with something new.
  • Small groups.


Private Dance Lessons

Group Dance Classes

Dance Packages

Wedding/Bridal Dance Lessons & Packages



The pace and level of instruction are tailored to your individual learning style.

Do you have a hectic schedule? Private lessons are tailored around your schedule.

Individual attention ensures the most rapid and thorough absorption of the material YOU want to master. You will benefit from the undivided attention your dance instructor as we will focus on working on the subtitles you need to master, not what other students need.

You will be able to learn at your own pace. Let’s face it, everyone learns at different rates. Some people can just watch something once and get it (don’t you hate that?). Where other people learn by watching multiple times or by doing. We are all different. So in a private lesson we will tailor the pace and methodology to how you learn.

Regardless of if you have a dance partner or not, your dance instructor will dance with you frequently during your dance lessons. Your dance instructor will serve as an excellent mentor and example of proper dance style that can only be “felt” by feeling the proper form and technique of a dance.

You are much less likely to develop bad dance habits. In a group class the instructor just does not have enough eyes to watch every student at all times and thus bad dance habits can develop under the radar. But in a private dance class under the watchful eye of your dance instructor, he/she will be able to quickly identify and correct any errors before they develop into dreaded bad habits and form.

Private lessons are just that, private. If you are shy and uncomfortable with your dance skills, well private lessons are for you. No one to see you or to judge you. Then once you feel comfortable with your dance skills, you can join us at one of our group of social dance lessons.

Private dance lessons are quite simply the fastest way for you to learn how to dance.

You can progress at your own pace.

A private lesson does not mean a private room but one on one instruction.

You can choose the dance styles you want to learn and you can dance to your special music.



Group dance lessons are much more economical than private dance lessons as you have access to the same world class dance instructors that do our private lessons, just at a much cheaper rate in a group setting.

There is no dance partner required.

You will be exposed to a variety of dance instructors. All dance instructors have their own style and way of expressing themselves. Having the benefit of this variety will help you develop your own dance style as you will more than likely be influenced by your instructors.

Group dance lessons offer a great way to learn the basic footwork and technique of a variety of dance styles.

You have the opportunity to try out different dances to see which styles you like the best.

You will learn both the lead and follow techniques of the dance.

In a group dance setting, you will be introduced to social dance etiquette.

You will have the opportunity to pair up with multiple dance partners which will help to improve your dance skills.

The social setting of group dances classes allows you to meet people of similar interests and make new friends.

The social atmosphere of a group dance class just makes them lots of fun and something you are looking forward to every week!

Are you keeping up in group dance classes?

You can improve your dancing faster with Private Dance lessons…

Do you know how to really get the most from your group dance lessons? Are you frustrated at being taught steps but not being able to ‘get’ it? Wouldn’t you feel better being able to work with someone who can focus on you, rather than holding back the group class? Or being able to turn your specific weaknesses to strengths? And get personalized feedback to fast-track your results?

Taking private dance lessons at our Adelaide studio is like putting money in the bank by attaining valuable assets. The skills you learn in private dance lessons with Elite Synergy will save you money in the long run. Every dollar you put in will build up a skill that teaches you how to keep improving. For your personal life AND in dance.

Don’t want to be a bumper car? (Elite Synergy keeps you on-track)

Unless you want to give a whole new meaning to ‘blood on the dance floor’, spatial awareness is crucial. Want to become openly aware of your body? And fully control it by mastering the mind? Elite Synergy dance instructors will have you out dancing at Latin and Ballroom social dancing nights in no time.

Want to wow you friends and surprise loved ones? Everyone enjoys dancing with a partner who knows how to adapt to them and make them feel special. Elite Synergy dance instructors pride themselves on teaching you how to dance with anyone regardless of their level of dancing experience. Get there faster with private dance lessons.

Become a popular social dancer!

“Elite Synergy has helped teach me how to adapt to everyone’s dance abilities and styles and be that person that everyone asks for a dance with!” — Tania, 10 Oct 2013

Want to look confident? (Improve posture, muscle tone and flexibility with dance)

Do you want to be able to move like professional dancers? Want to have that elegant and effortless look? But you don’t have years to dedicate solely to dance training? Imagine being able to get the look and feel of a dancer in a short time. Private dance classes are a great way to learn the basic elements that give you this feeling, quickly. Plus learn the essential foundation skills that are necessary for the more complicated steps.

Private Dance Lessons are from $55 (conditions apply) Call Us: 0433840087  or Email Us

What’s the catch?

You might accidentally improve other areas of your life! Dancing has even been shown to reduce depression. Many other health benefits can also be gained from dancing;

  • balance
  • supported posture
  • better body alignment
  • strengthened cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • muscle strength
  • flexibility

Not to mention releasing endorphins! (Dancing is also a lot better for you than chocolate).

Better than any other sport?

Dancers think so! Dancing, particularly Social Latin and Ballroom dancing, helps to maintain a good fitness level. Not to mention a work out for social skills. Dancers naturally interact in a social dance environment and having this shared passion brings people closer together. It’s also a great way to meet people and make new friends. It’s also a lot of fun!

“When I talk to other people off the dance floor, I get to know them better as normal people not only dancers and it’s a great chance to make new friends”. -Yulia Koinov, 11 Dec 2013

Do you want to shrink into a hunchback?

Another benefit of dancing is it builds the muscles used to support an elongated body. Do as the Ballroom dancers do. Reach the unreachable by tricking gravity. Some dancers say they have grown inches taller through gained muscle support. Strong dancers also have fluent movement. So what are you waiting for? Get dancing! Call us now on 0433 840 087 and book your private dance lesson with Elite Synergy today.

Dance Immersion Program

  • Were you intrigued by the hot new reality TV series Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance seeing non-dancing celebrities emerge as incredibly sophisticated and elegant dancers in ten weeks or less after partnering with a ballroom dance professional? If they can do it so can you!
  • Have you ever fantasized about how joyful it would be to immerse yourself in dance for just a short time and watch yourself become a sizzling hot and stylish dancer?
  • Do you remember the classic dance movies Dirty Dancing, Shall We Dance, and Dance With Me – all tapping into one’s unrealized potential through a brief period of intensive and exhilarating dance training?

If your toes are already moving and your heart is rhythmically beating, take hold of your inspiration and make your dream a reality. At Elite Synergy Dance Studio in Adelaide CBD all instructors are trained and continuosly been trained to show and instruct you with easy to follow coaching to turn you from a caterpillar to a beautiful Butterfly . Check out ourStudent Testimonials!


Group Dance Classes or Dance Immersion?

If you’re looking for:

  • a wonderful night out dancing with your partner?
  • How about treating yourself and try dancing on your own?
  • Or you can give a special someone a gift certificate


If you want to excel on the dance floor very quickly, impress your family, friends or partner, and explore all your latent potential as a dancer and take it to the limit, our Dance Immersion is the program for you.

Dance Immersion Program

Definitely not designed for only the “gifted and talented.” In my many years of teaching people of all ages and backgrounds to dance, I have learned that partner dancing is a skill that can be mastered by anyone of any ability who is motivated to learn. If you want to do it, you can!

You (or you and your partner) will choose the dance styles that excite you (swing, salsa, foxtrot, tango, waltz, merengue, cha cha, rumba, bachata, Samba). Then we’ll start with foundational dance steps and focus on your dance frame, weight changes, footwork, timing, leading/following skills, and spins – building your repertoire step by step. And, you’ll receive a customized CD of music to practice with! When you “graduate” from the program, you’ll emerge as a skilled and smooth dancer, ready to hit the dance floor at any social event with joy and confidence. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to learn!

Contact Oscar Castellanos, Director, to learn more about Dance Immersion or any of our other classes and programs. Call 0433 840 087  or contact us for more information Or send a email to[email protected]


Student Testimonials

“He teaches us not only about techniques, but also the feelings of the dance and ourselves, music appreciation and partnership.”

– Vassily & Yulia Koinov

See all Student Testimonials

Private Dance Classes are an investment in yourself!

Yes that’s right an investment in yourself and you can take it anywhere with you for life while bringing you tremendous amount of joy.

Due to their busy schedules, Private dance classes are very popular among Doctors, Nurses, Auditors, School Principals, Engineers, shift workers etc.

Having professional private dance instructors that are continually being trained to perfect their craft not only as dancers themselves but also to teach you and equip you with all your dancing needs is the key to becoming a great confident and stylish dancer.

Benefites of Private Dance Classes

  •  Accelerate your learning 5+ times faster than group dance classes
  • We take you out to many dance events and keep you in the loop so you can see for yourself how well you picking up your dancing skills in a real life dance event
  • With 10+ years of experience and a unique easy and fun method of teaching rest assured you will be dancing from your very first lesson.
  • With our deeply discounted rates for multiple lessons. We believe we are the best deal in town.
  • We encourage you to bring a note book so you can take notes so you can remember it and practice it
  • You will focus only on the most popular social dances you want to learn.

It is also perfect for wedding dance preparation; bring your wedding song, or bring your possible choices on a CD, Ipod, or phone.

Private Dance Classes in Ballroom, Latin and Street Latin Dance styles start from $40*

*Conditions apply

Need to Relax, De-Stress and Unwind after a hard day in the office?

Sometimes we all have bad days, regardless of what job occupation you have in the end it still sucks to go home all depressed. You can come to our dance studio in Adelaide CBD to have dance classes that will surely lift up your mood. We all want to remain occupied, fit and sexy by doing something thats fun. What better way to do it than taking a dance class in Adelaide! The adrenaline rush and sheer joy of dancing can lighten the body, mind and soul. Then blissfully you can go home having turn your whole day around.

In an age when dance has evolved and become a crucial part of social life, the endangered ballroom dancing still lingers in the minds of many. But what is ballroom dancing? It’s a whole new world filled with adventures, friendship laughter and yes sometime the agonising moments that make you a better stronger you. People of all ages still stand in awe at an amazing ballroom performance.

Get you friends involved!

If you are one of those people who have always wanted to master the art and skill of ballroom dancing, nothing does it like a like bringing a group of your friends to group dance classes in Adelaide city. A group dance class will instill the vital ingredients in any walk of life. Adelaide group dance classes will give you the free your mind and give you much needed fun and group bonding. Indeed an ideal way to stay fit mentally and physically and at the same time help you master a dance form that will leave others jaw dropped.

You or your group will be the one having your peers go ” Wow!! I want to do that too!”. There are people who spend a lot of time, energy and money to pursue their dreams and at some point we have all been a jaw dropping audience to an perfect ballroom dance routine and go, “I really wish I could dance like that!”. As the popular saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. So its time for us to put on our dancing shoes and go sign up for group classes. Dance classes is the first step towards a healthy, happy and harmonious life. This is not limited to a particular genre of people, but rather for anyone and everyone who loves to dance and stay fit and sexy. After having said all this, I wish to emphasize that dance is food for the soul and can do wonders to the mind and body. Its the path to better living and happy living. Dance on !!

Dancing is always fun and dancing in a group environment can only make it better.

I remember my days as a kid, when my mother used to drop me off for my dance classes and I just could not wait to go back the next day.

In today’s world group dances are mostly seen in pubs and discotheques, but the concept of a group dance is lost. A joint venture to make a group look like a solo act is an tremendous way to socialize, meet new people sharing the same interests and it also helps one to work together as a team, understanding and conversing with each other for a joint cause. A group class helps the child within us coordinate with the adult in us.

Ballroom dancing and Latin dancing can become competitive when in a group and brings out the best in people. While watching our fellow group mates, it makes us comprehend the true form of the art in itself.

Street Latin dancing has gained popularity in the last decade and will continue to evolve as well. The basics can be perfected by going to a group class and learning with zeal and passion the truth behind dancing. The fact remains that dance can be refreshing and soothing to the body done with the right instruction and right attitude. The benefits of dance is numerous. Health and fitness, Physical and emotional endurance and peace of mind , to name a few.

Thanks to television shows like ‘So you think you can dance’ and ‘Dancing with the stars’, Ballroom dancing is back in vogue. The youth of today are back in track and if you want to know all about the passionate world of dance, start now, because it is never too late to dance. Get surrounded by the tunes and tales of the ballroom dance. So join a group class today and start exploring the wonders of ballroom dancing.

Pick up your feet and your partners and start dancing today!!

Group dance classes are also great to keep a relationship going. Its also great way to relieve stress and tension. So throw all your worries out the window and step into the awesome world of dancing and you will never regret it for the rest of your life. Learn it , master it and pass it on for generations, so that the spirit of ballroom dancing lives on and on.

Contact us now to find out what dance style you can learn today!

[–]SOS Dance Training- How to really learn to dance.

Are you wasting money because you don’t know how to learn? (Dance Smart)

Do you know how to turn dance lessons into improving your dancing? Are you wasting countless lessons trying to get ‘something’ by watching your instructor do a step pattern? Wouldn’t you learn more from your dance lessons, if you understood how to turn the information into action? Or had the exact skills needed to learn the step patterns? And easily write them down so you never forget?

If you don’t understand the breakdown and process of learning to dance, a lot of your time could be flying out the window. And you may not even realise it! Here’s your chance to get the skills needed to learn to dance. Then you can use these tools, to fast-track your improvement!

SOS Training reveals the method in the madness

Albert Einstein reportedly defined insanity as repeating the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. Sound familiar? Many dance schools try to teach dancing by showing students how to do a step. And then show them again. And again. Then the student thinks they can’t dance. Or they’re not a ‘natural’ dancer. This is insane!

Imagine being shown to drive a car when you’ve never driven before.

No explanation, just a demonstration. Now go drive. Would you expect to be able to drive? I wouldn’t, and dancing isn’t all that different. Imagine being shown skills that allow you to see step patterns as a road map. Or having the tools to make detours without getting lost. It’s so powerful you can literally get a step, and be able to record it for life. Just from being shown three times! You will wonder just how you ever managed to learn how to dance without actually knowing what your feet were doing.

“I became very aware of what my feet were doing overtime i danced. When i kept my footwork tidy on the dance floor i realised i looked better than other social dancers who had never thought about or understood their footwork before.” -Josue Castellanos, 10 Dec 2013

What’s the catch?

It’s not an easy way out. This dance course teaches you a process. It gives you skills and tools to learn. It can’t actually do the learning for you. Or the practice. It will teach you how to get the most out of group lessons. And how to practice more efficiently. Imagine learning more than you ever thought possible, faster than you ever imagined. And leaving the course with a process to learn quickly, and keep improving every single minute, of every single lesson.

“Although dancing is very broad and unstructured term, Oscar managed to put a process into place where if we follow it from the beginning, we save our time by learning fast, knowing exactly what we need to do and improving every single time”. -Yulia Koinov, 20 November 2013

The purpose of SOS Training

Social Partnership Dancing is no longer fun. The same people (if they’ve managed to pass the eight year drop-out mark) go out dancing. With the same step patterns. Repeating the same thing, with the same people. They might end up with a new step here or there. But their basic step still looks bad-like a basic step. With limited technique; technique they supposedly have as an advanced dancer.

What happens when a new step is done? With a new person? Next time you’re on the dance floor, just try it. Ever wondered why dancers look better dancing with someone from the same studio? Or why someone only looks good dancing with their instructor? Familiarity. Using symbols to mean a specific action or dance step. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to change a step pattern half-way through? To not bump into people because the step pattern made you. We here at Elite Synergy think so. But it only works if both dance partners are paying attention; leading and following the whole way through a step. Not just turning because an arm went up. And definitely not back-leading.

If you’ve been learning dancing for a while and are tired of not being able to improve your dancing (beyond learning a new step pattern) you have found what you need. This is the dance studio that does things differently. It follows a process, and takes each dancer on a journey of growth. This Adelaide dance school is where you will learn by thinking, with precision. And with results!