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Dance FAQ page is where we have compiled a list of dance related frequently asked questions. This Dance FAQ page has questions which upon clicking they open and close in your current window tab. When the dance question is open you will see a link. Click on it if you need more dance information regarding that dance related frequently asked question. The links on the other hand open a new tab or window in your browser.

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What Shoes Should I Wear To Dance Class

Ideal shoes for dancers starting out are dance shoes (We Stock Dance Shoes). For your first free private dance lesson or trial dance group class try to wear shoes that you normally go out in and that are closed to protect your toes. Flip flops and bare foot are not allowed as you might cause yourself an dance injury.

What Clothe Should I Wear To Dance Class

Clothe you should wear to your dance lesson or group class is a nice top and stretchy pants or flowing dress. Neat and casual dance attire is always recommended. Dress a little as if you are going to a birthday event. Be sure to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident as this makes dancing easier when you are feeling better from what you are wearing. Wearing jeans or your comfy pajamas will not be your best choice of clothing for your first dance lesson.


Do I need to bring a dance partner?

We have plenty of dance students that come on their own. Whether they are married or in a steady relationship. Whilst bringing your partner has its advantages bringing them against their will is not essential or recommended as we in every group class do periodic dance partner change so you can be meeting other dancers and can dance with the more advance dance students we have. This way you will progress steadily. In turn, you will feel confident in your dancing and in yourself.

We Also provide 1on1 private dance lessons for people who are shy or want to progress at lighting speed. On these private dance lessons you will have a dance instructor who will act as your training wheels to get you dancing efficiently with loads of fun.

Those that come with a partner are not required to swap.However, you must tell the instructor before partaking in the group dance classes.

We cannot guarantee there will be a spare partner to dance with, but our teachers will ensure you get plenty of practice time.


How much does Group Dance Classes cost?

Group dance classes do not cost very much, especially if you take advantage on our 3 month dance membership plan. We have 3 solutions you can pick from.

Casual Drop In – Group Dance Classes = $20

  • No Commitment.
  • Come to a group dance class when you can
  • We do not recommend this as it will make it harder for you to see dance improvements if you don’t come at least once a week. Also, if dancing is something you really want to do. You will save more time, $ and frustration by taking advantage of the dance offers we have.

Weekly – 15 Group Class Dance Package = $225 (You save $75 by pre purchasing in bulk @ $15per group class per person).

  • You have 15 weeks to use the dance group classes when you come in just for one group dance class per week
  • You can do 2 group dance classes in a week, which means you will need to replenish in 7 weeks or take advantage of our 3 month dance membership
  • If you come in 2 nights and stay for 2 group dance classes on those nights in the same week.  You will need to replenish in your weekly dance pass in roughly 4 weeks.
  • You miss a week, you can make it up by taking another dance style of your choosing
  • We recommend you do at least 1 group dance class per week to keep seeing steady improvements in your dancing

Membership – Take advantage of our 3 Month Dance Membership Group Class Pass = $240

  • You have access to all group classes we run during any given week.
  • If you come 1 night stay for 1 class, it’s best to do weekly group dance class package. However stay for the second class it’s best if you get this membership as now you are receiving each group class at $10 per dance class
  • Come 2 nights stay for do 3 group dance classes. Your group class drop to $6.60 per dance class
  • Come 2 nights stay for 4 group dance classes. Your group dance classes, drop to only $5 per dance class