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Are you keeping up in group dance classes?

You can improve your dancing faster with Private Dance lessons…

Do you know how to really get the most from your group dance lessons? Are you frustrated at being taught steps but not being able to ‘get’ it? Wouldn’t you feel better being able to work with someone who can focus on you, rather than holding back the group class? Or being able to turn your specific weaknesses to strengths? And get personalized feedback to fast-track your results?

Taking private dance lessons at our Adelaide studio is like putting money in the bank by attaining valuable assets. The skills you learn in private dance lessons with Elite Synergy will save you money in the long run. Every dollar you put in will build up a skill that teaches you how to keep improving. For your personal life AND in dance.

Don’t want to be a bumper car? (Elite Synergy keeps you on-track)

Unless you want to give a whole new meaning to ‘blood on the dance floor’, spatial awareness is crucial. Want to become openly aware of your body? And fully control it by mastering the mind? Elite Synergy dance instructors will have you out dancing at Latin and Ballroom social dancing nights in no time.

Want to wow you friends and surprise loved ones? Everyone enjoys dancing with a partner who knows how to adapt to them and make them feel special. Elite Synergy dance instructors pride themselves on teaching you how to dance with anyone regardless of their level of dancing experience. Get there faster with private dance lessons.

Become a popular social dancer!

“Elite Synergy has helped teach me how to adapt to everyone’s dance abilities and styles and be that person that everyone asks for a dance with!” — Tania, 10 Oct 2013

Want to look confident? (Improve posture, muscle tone and flexibility with dance)

Do you want to be able to move like professional dancers? Want to have that elegant and effortless look? But you don’t have years to dedicate solely to dance training? Imagine being able to get the look and feel of a dancer in a short time. Private dance classes are a great way to learn the basic elements that give you this feeling, quickly. Plus learn the essential foundation skills that are necessary for the more complicated steps.

Private Dance Lessons are from $55 (conditions apply) Call Us: 0433840087  or Email Us

What’s the catch?

You might accidentally improve other areas of your life! Dancing has even been shown to reduce depression. Many other health benefits can also be gained from dancing;

  • balance
  • supported posture
  • better body alignment
  • strengthened cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • muscle strength
  • flexibility

Not to mention releasing endorphins! (Dancing is also a lot better for you than chocolate).

Better than any other sport?

Dancers think so! Dancing, particularly Social Latin and Ballroom dancing, helps to maintain a good fitness level. Not to mention a work out for social skills. Dancers naturally interact in a social dance environment and having this shared passion brings people closer together. It’s also a great way to meet people and make new friends. It’s also a lot of fun!

“When I talk to other people off the dance floor, I get to know them better as normal people not only dancers and it’s a great chance to make new friends”. -Yulia Koinov, 11 Dec 2013

Do you want to shrink into a hunchback?

Another benefit of dancing is it builds the muscles used to support an elongated body. Do as the Ballroom dancers do. Reach the unreachable by tricking gravity. Some dancers say they have grown inches taller through gained muscle support. Strong dancers also have fluent movement. So what are you waiting for? Get dancing! Call us now on 0433 840 087 and book your private dance lesson with Elite Synergy today.