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Private Dance Classes are an investment in yourself!

Yes that’s right an investment in yourself and you can take it anywhere with you for life while bringing you tremendous amount of joy.

Due to their busy schedules, Private dance classes are very popular among Doctors, Nurses, Auditors, School Principals, Engineers, shift workers etc.

Having professional private dance instructors that are continually being trained to perfect their craft not only as dancers themselves but also to teach you and equip you with all your dancing needs is the key to becoming a great confident and stylish dancer.

Benefites of Private Dance Classes

  • ¬†Accelerate your learning 5+ times faster than group dance classes
  • We take you out to many dance events and keep you in the loop so you can see for yourself how well you picking up your¬†dancing skills in a real life dance event
  • With 10+ years of experience and a unique easy and fun method of teaching rest assured you will be dancing from your very first lesson.
  • With our deeply discounted rates for multiple lessons. We believe we are the best deal in town.
  • We encourage you to bring a note book so you can take notes so you can remember it and practice it
  • You will focus only on the most popular social dances you want to learn.

It is also perfect for wedding dance preparation; bring your wedding song, or bring your possible choices on a CD, Ipod, or phone.

Private Dance Classes in Ballroom, Latin and Street Latin Dance styles start from $40*

*Conditions apply