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Are you wasting money because you don’t know how to learn? (Dance Smart)


Do you know how to turn dance lessons into improving your dancing? Are you wasting countless lessons trying to get ‘something’ by watching your instructor do a step pattern? Wouldn’t you learn more from your dance lessons, if you understood how to turn the information into action? Or had the exact skills needed to learn the step patterns? And easily write them down so you never forget?

If you don’t understand the breakdown and process of learning to dance, a lot of your time could be flying out the window. And you may not even realise it! Here’s your chance to get the skills needed to learn to dance. Then you can use these tools, to fast-track your improvement!

SOS Training reveals the method in the madness

Albert Einstein reportedly defined insanity as repeating the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. Sound familiar? Many dance schools try to teach dancing by showing students how to do a step. And then show them again. And again. Then the student thinks they can’t dance. Or they’re not a ‘natural’ dancer. This is insane!

Imagine being shown to drive a car when you’ve never driven before.

No explanation, just a demonstration. Now go drive. Would you expect to be able to drive? I wouldn’t, and dancing isn’t all that different. Imagine being shown skills that allow you to see step patterns as a road map. Or having the tools to make detours without getting lost. It’s so powerful you can literally get a step, and be able to record it for life. Just from being shown three times! You will wonder just how you ever managed to learn how to dance without actually knowing what your feet were doing.

“I became very aware of what my feet were doing overtime i danced. When i kept my footwork tidy on the dance floor i realised i looked better than other social dancers who had never thought about or understood their footwork before.” -Josue Castellanos, 10 Dec 2013

What’s the catch?

It’s not an easy way out. This dance course teaches you a process. It gives you skills and tools to learn. It can’t actually do the learning for you. Or the practice. It will teach you how to get the most out of group lessons. And how to practice more efficiently. Imagine learning more than you ever thought possible, faster than you ever imagined. And leaving the course with a process to learn quickly, and keep improving every single minute, of every single lesson.

“Although dancing is very broad and unstructured term, Oscar managed to put a process into place where if we follow it from the beginning, we save our time by learning fast, knowing exactly what we need to do and improving every single time”. -Yulia Koinov, 20 November 2013

The purpose of SOS Training

Social Partnership Dancing is no longer fun. The same people (if they’ve managed to pass the eight year drop-out mark) go out dancing. With the same step patterns. Repeating the same thing, with the same people. They might end up with a new step here or there. But their basic step still looks bad-like a basic step. With limited technique; technique they supposedly have as an advanced dancer.

What happens when a new step is done? With a new person? Next time you’re on the dance floor, just try it. Ever wondered why dancers look better dancing with someone from the same studio? Or why someone only looks good dancing with their instructor? Familiarity. Using symbols to mean a specific action or dance step. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to change a step pattern half-way through? To not bump into people because the step pattern made you. We here at Elite Synergy think so. But it only works if both dance partners are paying attention; leading and following the whole way through a step. Not just turning because an arm went up. And definitely not back-leading.

If you’ve been learning dancing for a while and are tired of not being able to improve your dancing (beyond learning a new step pattern) you have found what you need. This is the dance studio that does things differently. It follows a process, and takes each dancer on a journey of growth. This Adelaide dance school is where you will learn by thinking, with precision. And with results!