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Planning your Wedding Dance?


Read how our Adelaide wedding dance specialists can help take the stress out of learning your Wedding dance.

Do you want to celebrate your marriage with your own creative expression? Have you realised the importance of presenting a united front, in-front of loved ones? What if you could grow closer, while building life-long skills? Dancing requires trust, partnership and give-and-take. Working together as a team is essential. All skills that are required for a healthy, successful relationship.

Actions speak louder than words. Give your wedding guests a vivid memory of a perfect First Dance. Not perfect because it’s flawless. Perfect because it symbolizes the strength of your union, and reflects your unique personalities. A First Dance that says ‘Together, we can do anything!’

“Really enjoyed the development and the way we were able to create something that looked impressive together”-Sally & Ed, 26th Nov 2011

But the pros look so good!

You can too! Want to feel relaxed? Make your wedding dance look like it’s effortless. Instructors at Elite Synergy have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of soon-to-be blushing brides and handsome grooms. We understand how much time and effort you have spent on your wedding day. Let us match it. We want you to shine. Phone us now on 0433840087 and let us help you.

How can learning a Bridal Dance create a vivid memory for your guests?

Your Bridal Dance is the most vivid wedding memory guests will take home with them.

You have planned and made a huge investment in numerous aspects of you special wedding day that will only last one moment. Learning to dance together is a wise investment in your relationship creating lifetime memories — a skill that soon will become very useful at future special occasions.

Bridal Dance lessons are the most fun and romantic time a couple can have during the wedding planning process!

You can outsource many aspects of your wedding – the florist, the caterer, the bakery, the event planner. However there are two essential characteristics that only the couple themselves can execute in order for a wedding to be authentic and valid – their vows and their First Dance.

The public and legally binding vows verbally profess the couple’s intentions to be supportive and loyal to each other. The First Dance is the first marital act that physically proves a couple’s ability to be supportive of one another. Showing the world how much they trust each other and how much they are willing to work together through sickness and in health, by exercising teamwork and patience during private rehearsals and ultimately for public display, the couple “moves as one” on the dance floor and a promise is sealed and delivered.

Why not turn your time learning to dance together into a dinner and dancing date! It could become your weekly escape from your hectic wedding planning dutys.


What should your First Dance say? How many Dance lessons do you need?

What is your First Dance goal?

This will affect how many lessons you need.

Once you’ve determined your goals and what you’d like your First Dance to say, we can better advise you on how many dance lessons we’ll recommend for your individual needs.

Consider the following:

–  What do you want your guests to think of your dancing abaility and your First Dance as Husband and Wife?

–  Want to know enough just to “survive” the dance of the wedding?

–  Do you want to have an interesting variety of dance moves for the wedding?

–  Are you going to dance at the reception to fast paced music?

–  Want to learn to dance in general, so you can dance in future social events: weddings, work functions, gala events etc?

–  Want to enjoy a dinner / dance Date Night with your fiancé during the wedding planning?

–  Want to share dance as a hobby, even after marriage?