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What is your First Dance goal?

This will affect how many lessons you need.

Once you’ve determined your goals and what you’d like your First Dance to say, we can better advise you on how many dance lessons we’ll recommend for your individual needs.

Consider the following:

–  What do you want your guests to think of your dancing abaility and your First Dance as Husband and Wife?

–  Want to know enough just to “survive” the dance of the wedding?

–  Do you want to have an interesting variety of dance moves for the wedding?

–  Are you going to dance at the reception to fast paced music?

–  Want to learn to dance in general, so you can dance in future social events: weddings, work functions, gala events etc?

–  Want to enjoy a dinner / dance Date Night with your fiancé during the wedding planning?

–  Want to share dance as a hobby, even after marriage?