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Not a confident person? Not a ‘natural’ dancer?

These students weren’t either but with Elite Synergy’s safe Group Dance Class learning environment you will reach your dancing goals. Imagine being able to dance with anyone, regardless of your dancing ability.

Read our group dance class testimonials below to find out why our Adelaide Group Class dance students say that ‘no one feels left behind’ and why they can learn to ‘dance with anyone’.

Group Class Testimonials


ES Dance School – A Different Aproach – Group Class Review – Andrew

“I now realise it’s how well you do what you can do that makes you better”

I found that more is not necessarily better. Originally i thought that i needed to know about a million different step patterns in order to become a better dancer but I now realise that it’s how well you do what you can do that makes you better.  I like the way that they’re not endless repetitions, it’s not the same thing week in and week out. There usually something different every week that I take away and a new piece of information that I’m able to apply to my dancing.  There are familiar elements every week and its good.  I guess what we do is we do the same kind of stuff but we approach it in a slightly different of way and that I think it expands the knowledge and improves the quality of learning.

I would recommend classes because they’re enjoyable and if people haven’t done dance classes before then they’re fun. If they have done dance classes before then I think there are elements of this that people probably wouldn’t have found in other dance classes. It’s a different approach, it’s kind of fresh and I think it benefits as a result of that.

– Andrew, January 2014


ES Dance School – Balance & Coordination – Group Class Review – Peter

“I think it’s a much better teaching method than other schools”

Helped me the balance and coordination. Good relaxation for me as it’s very different from my normal job. I really enjoy doing it.  Everything is broken down so you do it slowly and quickly and make sure that you get each step right before you move on to more complicated things. I think it’s a much better teaching method than what I’ve done at other schools.

It teaches you about balance and coordination. It’s good fun. You learn to lead and follow properly. There’s a lot of things you can learn from the classes. Yes. Because the classes are done step by step and is progressive like each week you’ll do a certain thing and then you practise that and it builds on it so it’s got a structure to it  which is a lot better than other places I’ve been to. It’s really good dancing. You know, people might dismiss it but they should just come and try it out and give it a go and they may enjoy it. It’s worth a try.

– Peter, February 2014


ES Dance School – Strong Base – Group Class Review – Frank

“The dances are taught properly and in detail and form a strong base”

The biggest obstacle was whether I would learn fast enough for where I wanted to get to.  I found that by paying the attention to detail and doing things well has helped from my point of view, improve my dancing.  I like the breaking down of the movements into not just a step by step fashion but understanding where all the parts of the body coordinate and then bringing them together at the tempo of the music they should be danced at.

I think the benefits are the friendly atmosphere and the cooperation of the teachers to take time to show you where you are going wrong and to help you improve your steps.  I would definitely recommend the classes because the dances are taught properly and in detail and they form a strong base. I believe that in most things in life a strong base is important to be able to do things well. So for me this is very important and something I haven’t experienced in other schools.  Join up!!

– Frank, February 2014

ES Dance School- Exceeds Expectations- Group Dance Class Review- Tania

“Far exceeded my expectations”

I have danced for many years previously but have always got bored with dance classes and never been able to stick to them especially with the cost of the classes and most ballroom Latin studios require mandatory private lessons too which I couldn’t afford.

The teaching style I encountered at Elite Synergy far exceeded my expectations, even after the numerous teachers I’ve had in the past. I received so much more in just 1 class then I would in weeks of classes at other studios both specifically to my dance training but also mentally.

The focus on the real foundation of social dancing, not just learning step patterns which I would usually just then forget from week to week.

A huge benefit of group classes is being taught how to both lead and follow – this has helped me see both sides of the partnership in dancing and understand how to be a better follower on the social dance floor.  Another great thing about group classes is that it’s a team environment. Everyone helps each other to bring up beginners faster but also make sure everyone is continuing to work hard throughout the class no matter what level they are.

I would definitely recommend Elite Synergy group classes. I have learnt more then I could ever imagine in the past 8 weeks and have had various compliments on my following and have felt the improvement immensely.

-Tania, 14 Dec 2013

ES Dance School-Safe Learning Environment-Adelaide Group Class-Yulia

“I thought I would slow down the class but it’s a learning environment and I felt safe”

I didn’t want to come to group classes at the beginning because I thought that everyone knows what they are doing and I will be the only person who slows down the class and looks like they have two left feet. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of other people and make a fool of myself. But as I really wanted to try it out, I thought I was going to stay at the end of the last row and watch others. I felt uncoordinated and lost but my desire to give it a go pulled me through.

As a result after some time I found it easier to cope if I just do exactly what the instructor tells me to do. All I had to concentrate on was to follow the instructions and try to remember what and how we are doing it. Then I could practice it at home and come to the next lesson prepared. I noticed that if I practice what we did on the group lesson, it’s one less thing to worry about on the next class.

I like taking group classes because it give me a chance to practice my skills with different partners as I need to adapt to every single person I am dancing with. It is a learning environment with people who are doing the same things therefore I feel safe to try something new or experiment. I know that I can make a mistake and won’t be judged because we are all in the same boat.

Group classes are designed for you to learn something new, practice what you already know and get a bit of extra information. It’s a great way to interact with other similar-minded people, be a part of the group while learning and experience different setting and environment.

I would recommend taking group classes to other people as it would show you that you are not alone in wanting to learn to dance and you are not alone in not getting it right from the very beginning. As long as you have the right attitude and willing to put an effort and take responsibility for your own learning rather than relying on some else – you are good to go 🙂

Come and try our group classes at Elite Synergy Dance School. You will find it easy to follow, remember and get on to the dance floor faster. We have a unique process of teaching you so you have nothing to lose except one of your left feet!

– Yulia Koinov, 16 Dec 2013

ES Dance School- Remember Quickly- Group Class Review- Amanda

“You don’t need ‘natural’ dance ability, you just do the process”

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pick anything up and that I had no coordination. Luckily for me I came to the right place. Elite Synergy is a great learning environment that has taught me so much about myself as well as giving me a learning process. I can now pick up and remember new step patterns really quickly due to the new skills and tools I learnt.

My initial fears were dissolved; I found that you don’t need magic ‘natural’ dance ability, you just do the process. It also means being willing to grow as a person, something I found easier being in a team environment surrounded by supportive people. I would definitely recommend taking group lessons at Elite Synergy because we learn partnership, leading and following skills so we can dance with anyone rather than getting trapped dancing with the few people it seems to ‘work’ with. The skills you learn can be used in any Latin and Ballroom style, and for me every lesson had a huge ‘light bulb’ moment. I love my lessons!

– Amanda Pengilly, 04 Dec 2013

ES Dance School- Swap Partners- Group Class Review- Rose

“Without a partner” but “the way they mix up partners, no one feels left behind”

Taking dance lessons languished on my bucket list for years and I’ve made two stabs at it before enrolling in these classes. Although now over 60, without a partner and not as fit as I once was, I decided to put my toe on the dance floor, almost on a dare. With Oscar, Yulia and Tania’s help and the way they mix up partners, no one feels left behind. It is a joyful experience, with criticism couched in comic terms and always with the aim to aid personal improvement…of steps, technique and self image. There are ample tips how to survive in the social scene if you ever build up the courage to go there, as well. Sort of a “catch and release” policy, which I like.

– Rose Milton-Head, 7 Nov 2013

ES Dance School- Grow as a Dancer- Group Class Review- Somati

“Grow as a person and dancer”

Is a great place to have fun and grow as person and dancer. Llllllllllll….ove every bit of it. 🙂 ”

– Somati Urich, 16 Oct 2011