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Worried Social Dancing will turn you into a nervous wallflower?

Adelaide Social Dancing can be a daunting thought. Let Elite Synergy Dance School make your night in Adelaide enjoyable.

We have a team of dedicated dancers, who want to make sure you make the most of Social Dancing. Imagine a supportive team environment where no one has to shyly hide in the corner, and having friendly faces looking out for you. We aim to get everyone to have a fantastic time, regardless of dancing ability.


Read what students have said about coming out dancing with us.


Worried Social Dancing will turn you into a nervous wallflower? Let Elite Synergy Dance School make your night in Adelaide enjoyable. Review Social Testimonials

In Adelaide Alone? Social Dance With ES Dance School -Tania Review

Finding the Confidence and not knowing anyone, is scary

The hardest thing about going out Social Dancing was finding the confidence and not knowing anyone when I arrive at a venue. Will anyone want to dance with me??

My confidence has grown hugely and I can now attend any event and be confident enough to ask people to dance whether I know them or not.

I enjoy learning from the challenges put to me to learn to follow various different leads and styles and people from different dance schools and backgrounds.

Social Dancing turned out to be great chance to meet many new friends as well as make contacts. Going Social Dancing with Elite Synergy, as a female, has helped me to practice my Leading other Followers which has helped my own dance skills especially in following.

Social outings are the best way to put everything you learn in class into practice, to meet new people and get out and really enjoy dancing and have fun! Going out with a group of people you know, while not being limited to only dancing with them, is a real bonus.

-Tania Gordon-Lee, Dec 2013


Stop Hiding-Adelaide Social Dancing-ES Dance School-Yulia Review

Shy and insecure? Dance teacher didn’t take NO for an answer. Progress and improvement came faster.

I didn’t want to go out Social dancing at the beginning because I was very shy to be around people, was feeling insecure, didn’t know how to communicate with people. I didn’t have any confidence with my dancing so I was afraid to step on the dance floor. I thought everyone will be watching and judging me if I make a mistake or don’t do the step perfectly. I was terrified of the thought that I could step on someone’s toes, stumble or worse, fall. I preferred to watch other people dancing, sit in the corner and wish I could be one of them.

My dance teacher didn’t take my NOs for an answer and forced me to go out Social dancing. He made me dance in front of other people and showed me that it’s not THAT scary if you know what you are doing and paying attention to your partner. As a result, I learned to like dancing with other people, am learning to adapt to different partners and enjoy the process. It’s not easy and requires a lot of skills but if I do the right things and follow the process, I progress and improve so much quicker and become a better social dancer.

Social outings give me a unique opportunity to test my following skills: as a social dancer I need to be able to adapt to different people and be able to follow them. This is a great chance to practice what I learnt on my lessons, fine tune what I already know and learn something new. Every person that leads me is different, with their specific ways of “talking to me” through body movements so Social outings give me that chance to learn a new language of communication.

Other benefits of going out Social dancing would be the opportunity to learn how to make and carry on a conversation with different people and making new friends. Social include all interactions between people and going out Social dancing does not stop at actual dancing. When I talk to other people off the dance floor, I get to know them better as normal people not only dancers and it’s a great chance to make new friends.

I would recommend to go out Social dancing to anyone who is interested in Learning Social Partnership Dancing for Fun, who wants to improve their quality of dancing and help others do the same. When people unite with the same goal of always striving for more, helping each other, supporting and improving, there is nothing we can’t achieve together.

– Yulia Koinov, Dec 2013