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Do you know what to focus on, to make sure you look better every time you dance?

What if you were shown how to think? If you were given a process to speed up learning, to get results? Fast. This is SOS Dance Training. It’s about learning to question the ‘what’, and learning how to approach the ‘why’. It makes you think about dancing, in ways you never knew existed. And so much more.
Click below to review the testimonials and find out why Adelaide students took on this dance challenge and why they thought it was “worth every minute” and “never wanted to stop”.

SOS Training Testimonials

ES Dance School – Quality vs Time – SOS Dance Training Review – Amanda

Improving quality, rather than wasting time on quantity

I thought I would never have the time to really get into SOS training but I found it gave me more time. I learnt how to practice smartly and more efficiently so I could get so much more out of every minute I put in. It turned out to be a real time saving investment because instead of having to spend hours going over the same steps because I had been relying on my faulty memory, I learnt how to make specific notes that reminds me exactly how to do a dance step. I also learnt strategies of how to practice the same thing in different ways so I can learn it quickly and precisely. Short practice sessions now give me what used to take hours, weeks even, to get. Also, I can now apply these things to any step in any dance style. I learnt so much not just about dancing but also about myself.

If you’re stuck in a dance rut and aren’t learning anything other than a new step every now and again, or don’t know how to make sure you constantly improve your dancing you really need to do SOS training. If you’re worried about wasting time and money on lessons, SOS training teaches you how to get the most out of every lesson so you’re really saving time and money. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

-Amanda Pengilly
24 November 2013


ES Dance School- Open Your Mind- SOS Dance Training Review- Tania

The challenge needed to push through to follow dreams.

As a dance student of Elite Synergy I was offered the chance to attend an “SOS Training” course to further my dance knowledge. Initially the thought of training everyday was a little daunting but I soon realised that in doing this I was giving myself the challenge I needed to push through the excuses and follow my dreams and goals.

The SOS Training proved not only beneficial to improving my dancing, but more importantly my mental state. As a result of the training Oscar has opened my mind to a world of possibility, made me realise that nothing is impossible and that if we continue to make excuses in life we will never get what we really want and never be truly happy.

My dance knowledge improved dramatically especially in lead and follow which will be very beneficial on the Social dance floor and I now have much more of an understanding and awareness of what is really involved when it comes to dancing as a partnership.

I would highly recommend this training with Oscar and Elite Synergy for any dance students who wish to further their dance knowledge and increase their mental awareness to get anything they want in not only their dancing but in life in general. It has been one of the most rewarding journeys I have taken so far and I look forward to not only putting my new knowledge into practice, but continuing to learn and grow at the studio.

-Tania Gordon-Lee
19 November 2013

Doubt to wanting more-ES Dance School-SOS Training-Yulia

“I was very doubtful that it was for me…..[but] I never wanted to stop”

When I was offered to do an SOS Training by my teacher and owner of Elite Synergy Dance School, Oscar Castellanos, I was very doubtful that it was for me. I have been Oscar’s student for about 4 years and although it has been the most amazing and rewarding journey, the idea of doing it every day for 2 hours was challenging by itself. I was not sure how can I fit in this training with all other lessons that I already have, full-time job and my everyday life. But by experiencing Oscar’s teaching method over years I knew that whatever excuse I have – no matter how good and valid it is – this training would give me unexpected results and so much more than just being a great social dancer. And I decided to give it a go because I was not locked in any contract and always could stop if I wanted to, right?

Well I never wanted to stop… Undergoing this training have taught me so many new skills in a very short concentrated period of time that I didn’t think would be possible. If I was told before the training what I would gain out of it – I would laugh! As a social dancer I need certain areas to be handled: Learning, Social, Partnership, Dancing, for Fun. And that’s exactly what Oscar taught us: how to learn faster and better, dance etiquette and interaction on or off dance floor, what does that mean to work as a partnership, how to create new moves and express yourself and have fun while doing all of the above. It has been one of the most remarkable journeys that I had in my life and I can’t wait to do more!

What I liked most about the training is although dancing is very broad and unstructured term, Oscar managed to put a process into place where if we follow it from the beginning, we save our time by learning fast, knowing exactly what we need to do and improving every single time. In dancing terms I have learnt things like how to learn any step pattern fast, how to improve my technique and look better on the dance floor, how does that feel to be a leader, ability to adjust to different partners, how my body works and what it’s capable of (that was an eye-opener!). In the broader spectrum I have learnt how to absorb more information, ability to prioritise, time management, how to have the right mind-set to achieve what I want, how to control my thought process and get rid of excuses. At the end of the day “if you want, you look for opportunities, if you don’t – you look for excuse”.

Oscar is a result-driven person who teaches you how to get maximum results in a very short period of time. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy but by going through his own method, by trusting his vast knowledge and experience, the word “impossible” becomes obsolete. It were mentally and physically challenging 30 days, we didn’t know what we are going to get by the end of it, but when we came to a finish line, all bruised, tired and out of breath, the sense of achievement was overwhelming.

This journey is just a beginning of your new path in life, your new You. If you want to improve your life, be a better person, learn new skills that you can apply in your everyday life – this journey is for you. And it’s all done through dancing. Being a great social dancer is a by-product and bonus to the this training 🙂

-Yulia Koinov
20 November 2013

Worth Every Minute-ES Dance School-SOS Training-Getty Review

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy…but it would be worth every minute”

I have been going to Elite Synergy Dance Studio for over a year now. I have learnt so much in the year that I could have never imagined possible. Over a month ago, Oscar Castellanos, our teacher and owner of Elite Synergy offered me to participate in a 30 day dance learning program called the “S.O.S Challenge”. After I was explained the program was about learning mentally and structurally what is required of me as a social dancer, learner and teacher, I knew it was an opportunity that would allow me to learn and challenge myself in many ways. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, mentally or physically, but it would be worth every minute of the daily 2 hours we needed to commit for 30 days. The S.O.S challenge has proved to be that if we had the right mind set; be prepared to challenge ourselves; have an open mind to learn and make no excuses that anything and everything is possible. Our only limitation is ourselves and what we think we can do.

What I also learnt in the S.O.S challenge was the importance of firstly being in charge of your own learning and yourself, then bringing what you have to offer and work together in a team environment. I was asked during the S.O.S challenge by one of the students that whether the things we were learning in this program was overlapping with what I am learning in my private lesson. I thought about it and realised the principle was the same, yet it was very different. The difference is we are working together as a team; learning from each other and growing together to work towards a common goal It was at that point that I acknowledged how much I valued this challenge. “When you work together as a team you grow so much more and the journey seems so much more worthwhile”.

I also learnt from this challenge my weaknesses and strength and how I should use them to complement each other. The path is a lot clearer! One of the key things that I learnt to value was the importance of being able to “lead” as well as to “follow”. I mostly danced as a girl/follower before this challenge. I realised when being the leader, not only there are many things to learn and many challenges to face, but most importantly, it helps with being a follower as well!

I would highly recommend Elite Synergy Dance Studio to anyone who not only wants to learn how to dance and want to be extremely good on it, but who also wants to embark on a journey to grow as a person, be inspired by new challenges and to learn and help others to achieve the same goals and purpose.

-Getty Le
22 November 2013

Not Just Steps-Adelaide SOS Training-ES Dance School-Josue Review

Dancing is more than just learning steps.

When i was told about the sos training i thought it would have been too hard for me and i would have just given up like i’ve done in the past with previous dancing. However, i found once i started that although it wasn’t easy initially it did get easier the more i worked at it. The more i wanted it and the harder i worked the more i understood it and the more i learnt. One of the best features of the training was that everyone worked together and helped each other. Another benefit of the training was that i became very aware of what my feet were doing overtime i danced. When i kept my footwork tidy on the dance floor i realised i looked better than other social dancers who had never thought about or understood their footwork before. I would recommend this training specially to anyone who thinks that dancing is just about learning steps like i did initially. I have learnt that it is so much more.

-Josue Castellanos
10 Dec 2013