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Want to show off how well you and your future spouse work together?

We’ll teach you the partnership skills you need to show your wedding guests how in-tune you are to each other. Imagine dancing the first dance together as a married couple, with no awkwardness. Even if someone forgets the routine.

More than just a routine, we teach you how to dance together. Imagine being able to adapt to a crowded room. Or unknown music. Unlock the dancer in you and give your relationship a solid foundation. These skills will last a life-time, and you will be able to dance to more than just your wedding dance.

Most couples are nervous about their wedding dance, but read the Adelaide Wedding Dance Lesson Reviews below to find out why they ended up loving the learning!

ES Dance School –Strengthen Connection – Wedding Dance Lessons

“We can actually get up & dance instead of sitting around looking at everyone else”

I didn’t want to have a group session, I felt comfortable with a one-on-one. I probably had in my mind that I’d be stepping on Monika’s toes a lot, but learning the steps and connecting with Monika has been great.  I’m learning how to dance and I never knew how to dance before coming here whereas Paul had some experience. I was probably never going to get up to dance at weddings because of that, and that’s why we’re hoping now that after the lessons and once we know how to dance we can actually get up and dance instead of sitting around looking at everyone else. So, yeah, that was the biggest things for me, well for both of us. Yes, it’s given us confidence. It’s given us a lot of confidence.

I enjoy Tania’s company, I love that she’s also very very patient with us both, seeing as I didn’t know how to dance.  And probably that one thing also we like is you actually, you get welcomed when you come into the place. That’s a big thing, you know, obviously you’re nervous coming in, you don’t know how to dance, but everyone’s in the same boat, there even, even the instructors and, everyone’s still learning. That’s what’s been great for me. The connection gained between me and Monika, dancing together with your partner, I think it’s a beautiful thing. I find it releases tension from work when I’m stressed out, just come here and I unwind, I have fun. Yeah, most definitely. It’s a good group bonding session, with all the team here.

I’d highly recommend it and I think everyone should know how to dance… yes I would highly recommend it. I never wanted to come here to begin with. Paul had to drag me here, ‘cause I had no self confidence, I was so nervous but after my first session I’ve loved every minute of it, it’s been great.  Yeah and I look forward to coming here after work and dancing, it’s been a good ride so far. It’s like a rollercoaster up and down, but once you get up to the top you feel great. It boosts your confidence, it’s just a great thing. A great skill to have.

Don’t ever think you can’t dance, just go for it!

– Paul & Monika, April 2014


ES Dance School – Never Danced Before – Wedding Dance Lessons

“The instructors here make it so that it’s not as hard as it looks”

The biggest obstacle in our mind was probably the fear that we would look silly with two left feet. We don’t have any experience dancing so that would’ve been the biggest obstacle. We’ve found that the instructors here make it so that it’s not as hard as it looks, we were able to pick it up, which is a testament to the instructors here.  We like how friendly the instructors are, how flexible, and how easily the break down the dance moves and make it pretty easy to pick up when we’ve never had any dance lessons before. I like how if you don’t find a way of getting it they’ll find another way to teach it to you and break it down in a different way to understand it. The main benefit for us would be that we can dance on our wedding day, which is why we initially purchased the lessons. Also the benefit of actually teaching us to dance not just a routine, so if we stuff it up on the day they’ve taught us how to recover and so this takes away some of the nervousness of doing a dance.

Also, they’ve also taught us a bit how to dance, not just for our wedding day but socially anytime if we want to. Definitely would recommend. How easily the instructors here break everything down so that people who’ve never danced before can pick it up and also just about how friendly they are and are very easy to get along with. And how much they push you and just making it easy and comfortable to learn to dance.  I guess we’d just like to say a thank you for teaching two very uncoordinated people to slightly learn how to dance.

– James & Nea, February 2014


ES Dance School – Short on Time – Wedding Dance Lessons

“It didn’t feel like we were rushed into anything we weren’t comfortable doing”

Something that we can do together outside of work and not have to worry about the stress of life and just have a good time. It was very flexible with timing as well, we can just do it whenever suited us around whatever our schedule was for the week, which was great!  It’s good how it’s just step by step and we never felt like we had to learn anything new if we hadn’t mastered the first thing first. It went at a good speed, it didn’t feel like we were rushed into anything we weren’t comfortable doing. It was just sort of, progressive and at a good pace.

We can do things that we didn’t think we could do and that we can learn in a short amount of time and it’s not as difficult as we thought. We didn’t think we could dance at all and that we didn’t have enough time. And it’s something new that we haven’t tried before either so, it’s always a bit scary dong something you’ve never done before.

Although all our friends are now married, we’re the last, but if anyone else does, then yes, we definitely would recommend it.  Thank you for making it so easy for us. We’ve had a great time, thank you.  It’s been a very enjoyable time.

– Alex & Lydia, April 2014

ES Dance School – Rapid Progress – Wedding Dance Lessons – Rebecca 2012

“Not a natural dancer but teaching technique helped to progress rapidly”

‘We began dancing in preparation for our wedding but are having such a ball we will continue after the wedding! While not a natural dancer or even a particularly rhythmic person group classes such as “musicality” and “lead and follow” have helped to develop skills in addition to our private tuition so that I feel confident about doing our wedding dance and dancing in general. Great teaching technique that engages different forms of learning to really cement dancing principles and help progress dance ability at a rapid rate. So glad we found Elite Synergy School of Dance!’

– Rebecca Davis, 2012

ES Dance School – Teaching skills ‘by far the best’ – Wedding Reviews

wedding 1

“Bringing the classroom out of the studio and into a social public setting”

My wife and I have been attending classes at Elite Synergysince approximately September 2009 … Mr Castellanos’ teaching skills in dance is by far the best in our experience, as we have had lessons with at least four different instructors.  However, the quality of his instruction is also matched by his ability to take on new ideas, respond to suggestions and think outside the square, which has led to significant improvements to the product that he is offering.

Examples of the improvements that we have seen include:

  • Development of infrastructure including the incorporation of a computerised booking system
  • Improved signage and exposure of the school
  • Diversifying the type of lessons being offered
  • Bringing the classroom out of the studio and into a social public setting
  • Setting up organised demonstrations so that new pupils can observe and visualise their ultimate goal

 Dr Hien Le & Dr Clair  Le, April 2010

wedding 2

ES Dance School – Confident Dancing at Other Events- Wedding Reviews

“We now have the confidence to dance at other event”

“Newly engaged we were both initally nervous about taking dance lessons for our wedding.  We wanted to have a good time and be confident for the bridal dance without going through stress or embarassment while learning.  We need not have been concerned – Oscar was terrific. He listened to what we wanted, helped us to understand the basics and soon we started really enjoying our lessons.

In the end we had a great time dancing at our wedding and now have the confidence to dance at other events.”

– Mr Sam & Dr Nicola Quirk, 2009